During the PtHA® Convention several important and informative meetings take place to help decide the future of the Pinto Horse Association.

These meetings include the following types:


General Membership Meeting

This meeting takes place to allow the general membership to express concerns or desires to our staff, board of directors and executive committees regarding the association. We highly encourage you to attend this meeting and let your voice be heard.



Board of Directors Meetings

The Board of Directors will get together during the convention to hear the PtHA® staff members report on different topics, long range planning, and financial budget. The general membership is allowed to sit in the back of the room for these meetings but will not be allowed to participate.



Executive Committee Meeting

The Executive Committee will meet during the convention to discuss long range planning brought by the Past Presidents, financial budgets, and other topics of concern to the association. The general membership is allowed to sit in the back of the room for this meeting, but will not be allowed to participate unless called upon by the PtHA President. The Past Presidents sit on the Executive Committee in an advisory capacity only.



Standing Committee Meetings

The PtHA® has several different standing committees that will meet at different times and discuss industry trends, concerns and ideas regarding their given committee. Anyone can attend these committee meetings and voice their ideas and opinions, but you do have to be a committee member to vote. 

Each Committee is made up of current PtHA® Members who have applied to serve on a committee. PtHA® has the following committees: Registration, Amateur, Youth, International, Rule Book, Show & Contest, Membership & Marketing, and Professional Horsemen. If you are interested in serving on a Committee, please contact the PtHA® Office.

Standing Committee Lists coming soon.